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                          KFV Series Safety Fire Valve

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                          KFV Series Safety Fire Valve

                          The KFV Remote Fire Valve is a capillary type fire valve to automatically shut off the fuel flow, in the event of an overheat condition,

                          in a fuel burning appliance. The KFV will fail safe and shut off in the event of failure of the capillary or sensor. All KFV models are suitable for use with suction or gravity fuel systems at 0.8 bar (-12 psi) vacuum and 2 bar (30 psi) positive head.


                          KFV fire valve is designed as a fire safety shut-off valve for use

                          on oil burning equipments.

                          Non-electric safety valve.

                          Two alternative temperature setting. (65/90°C)

                          Remote sensing up to 30M

                          Sensor system fails safe if broken

                          Brass body with manual reset.



                          Product Dimensions


                          Installations (Electrical Wiring, Connections)

                          The KFV must be installed in accordance with BS5410 and any relevant local building regulations.

                          Prior to installing the KFV pull down the black reset/shutoff button on the underside of the valve body to close the valve.

                          Position the KFV valve body as close as possible to the outside of the external wall and orientated with the capillary tube

                          at the top.

                          If the valve body is installed in any other orientation a weather proof cover must be fitted over it. Leave a minimum of

                          60mm clearance beneath the valve to allow access to the reset/shutoff button.

                          Position the sensor in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s instructions of approximately 600mm directly above

                          the burner. Care must be taken when handling and uncoiling the capillary as it is made from soft copper. Avoid bending

                          the first 15mm at each end of the capillary and ensure any bend radius is greater than 50mm.

                          On completion of installation push up the black reset/shutoff button on the underside of the valve body to open the valve.


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