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                          KSV Series Solenoid Valve

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                          KSV Series Solenoid Valve

                          KSV Series Solenoid Valve is a kind of two two-pass direct-action or a servo solenoid valve,

                          for fluoride liquid refrigerant pipes,suction pipes and heat pipes,as well as machinery,boilers,

                          fire and other industrial sectors of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

                          KSV type solenoid valve to provide the overall supply.If necessary,can also provide separate 

                          components such as the coil and so on.


                          KSV type solenoid valve direct-acting type or servo-type solenoid valve can be used for fluoride liquid 

                          refrigerant pipes,suction pipes and heat pipes.

                          Equipment with O-ring of the Lead-out nut system ensures waterproof,while strengthening of the coil 

                          is waterproof function.

                          There are many AC and DC coil solenoid valve coil options(380V,200V,110V,24V,12V),in the ordering 

                          instructions to the factory.

                          Coil with plug-in connector to connect,this connector configuration three lines,is extremely convenient.

                          Electromagnetic coil with moisture-proof insulation material,with a waterproof and shockproof functions.

                          For some reason need to replace the solenoid valve coil,do not shut down the system.

                          For welding to connect the extended pipe is easy to install and does not require disassembly welding-type valve.


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                          Product Dimensions

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