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                          Nanjing Qiyuan Controls & Equipment Co., Ltd.  was found in 1998. It was mainly engaged in the business of pressure devices' development, manufacturing and sales in its early stage. 

                          After 7 years, came its first fly in manufacturing scale, the number of the employees increased to more than 100, and annual output of has reached to 300,000 of its 3 main series products, more than 50% of the products were exported overseas.

                          In 2006, its manufacturing base was moved to Huai An Industrial Development Zone, a place in city of Huai An, Jiangsu province.

                          • Production Building In Huai An

                          • Sales And Product Development
                            Office In Nanjing

                          With its rapid growth, Keram Controls has obtained the investment from Keram Group in 2009,  this enhanced the ability of its product development and level of quality management (granted by a quality system authority compliant to ISO9001 standard) with the participation of more industry experts and acquirement of high precision manufacturing facilities. These have led Keram Controls to a more professional way in this industry with its two business directions: HVAC/Building Automation and Oil Heating Spares Accessories.

                          Meanwhile, Keram has become the biggest shareholder and altered its name to Keram (Nanjing) Controls & Equipment Co., Ltd.

                          In 2014, business expands to electrical components and appliance, and changed its name to Keram (Nanjing) Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

                          Now, Keram (Nanjing) Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. has become one of the most important subsidiary companies in Keram group.

                          Members in Keram Group

                          • Keram (Nanjing) Science & Tech Co., Ltd.

                          • Nanjing Keram Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

                          • Keram (Nanjing) Electrical
                            Equipment Co., Ltd.

                          • Nanjing Janon Cooling & Heating Engineering Co., Ltd.

                          Our Values

                          • Customer Demands

                            Customer demands are our pursuit of the goal, the customers’ affirmation and recognition are our greatest honor, creating value for society, sincere service to our customers. 
                          • Quality Is Always The Priority

                            Keeping a rigorous attitude to each single point in the process of manufacturing. 
                          • The Spirit Of Continuous

                            Innovation is not only reflected in the product itself,
                            but also in all aspects of enterprise development.
                          • Dedication

                            Each people must have a high sense of responsibility to our company, the honor or disgrace of our firm has to be rooted in each person's heart. 
                          • Integrity

                            Integrity is the principle that everyone should abide by in our company. 
                          • Passions

                            Passion will be the guarantee to success and creates the impulse of hard working of everybody for the same goal.


                          How We Work

                          Technical Development
                          • Design Of PCB Board
                          • On Line Testing
                          • Extreme Low Temp. Testing
                          • High Precision PressureTest
                          • Flow Switch Assembling Line
                          • Pressure Transmitter Assembling line
                          • Inspection Before Assembling
                          • Pressure Transmitter Life Testing
                          • Double Quality Inspections
                          • On Line Adjusting